You clicked on the CAMPER button which means 1) you are a camper and you’re in the right place, or 2) you are NOT a camper, and you clicked on this either by mistake, or because you are the curious type who just had to see what was behind this button! Unfortunately if you’re the second person, this is not for you, but we are powerless to stop you from reading this, so go ahead if you must.


Now, if you’re trying to figure out whether or not Camp Mulberry is for you, check this out. For one week, you will leave your home, your parents, your pets, and maybe even some of your friends behind and travel to a place called Camp Mulberry. You will get there and immediately be surrounded by a bunch of kids just like you, but different. Make friends with them. They could be friends for life.


You will spend your days eating, sleeping a little (actually this happens at night), playing sports of all kinds (accept polo...we don’t have horses), eating great junk food from the concession stand, paintball, waterslides, basket weaving (just kidding...seeing if you were still paying attention).


At night, you will experience life changing worship services led by the Mulberry Worship Team. You can even sing in the worship choir if you want. Then, we will have an amazing speaker who will deliver the exact words that God has brought you to camp to hear. You will be in the presence of God in a way that will change your life forever. Even if we got rid of the snow cone machine, this would still be reason enough to make Camp the main part of your summer!


We believe that your life will be changed. We believe that you will leave camp stronger. Getting away from it all helps you to detox yourself from all the negative influences in your life. When you return to the real world, you will be stronger. We believe that your life will be changed. You will crave God like you never have before and you will be the light to your world that your friends, family, and even the people you haven’t met yet have been waiting for. We’ll see you in June..


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