Are you looking for something to charge up your youth group? Are you looking to get your youth group connected to other youth groups? Do you have some young people who need to experience God in an environment where they are separated from the negative influences that normally surround them? Do you need encouragement as a youth pastor? Then check out Camp Mulberry. It is our vision that the youth that attend this year’s camp will encounter Jesus Christ in a way that goes beyond the initial camp “high” and propels them into a lifestyle of craving everything that God has for them. We believe that they will never again be satisfied with the level that they reach, but always be driven for more of God.


What To Expect

The days are filled with activities, games, spiritual events (i.e. bible quizzing), devotionals, organized sports activities and more. There is also plenty of time to just sit around and make new friends and get reconnected with old ones. There is something for everyone. For the younger campers, there are age appropriate activities along with a service geared just for them. A special kid’s evangelist will speak to them on their level in an atmosphere that’s perfect for them. For the older campers, along with the activities and social time, there is a service each night. The Worship Team will lead everyone into the presence of God with relevant worship for this generation, followed by our featured Camp Evangelist, who will deliver the heart of God to your young people. Camp Mulberry is a place where the Spirit of God is free to move and work in our services. With all the great music and speakers, the focus is still on God and the working of His Spirit in each one of the lives of our young people.


What’s Expected

As with everything, some rules are required. We expect those rules to be followed in order to provide a safe and controllable environment. There are consequences for broken rules and the same rules apply to everyone. You are responsible for the youth you bring. It’s not that complicated.



While you are not required to volunteer during the week, we highly encourage you to be involved in some aspect of camp. We also ask that you encourage members of your local congregation to volunteer their time for the week. All volunteers must be approved by the pastor of the church they attend before they can be used at Camp Mulberry. Also we require that all volunteers preregister by June 1st! Click on the link below to preregister. In addition to preregistration, volunteers will need to fill out the Volunteer Form. Volunteers can click below to download this form. Once it’s filled out, the volunteer’s pastor must sign and approve the volunteer. The Camp Director has the authority to deny worker status if he deems necessary. Our goal is to provide our youth at Camp Mulberry with the best leadership possible.














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